The key to helping your students write better application essays is easy... have them start with just four simple sentences.

Just Write FOUR Sentences

Start by identifying the FOUR ESSENTIAL parts of your personal story...
SENTENCE 1: The Initial Plan

Identify the INITIAL PLAN which sets in place the foundation of your story and essay.

SENTENCE 2: The Anticipated Outcome

Identify the next part of your story, the ANTICIPATED OUTCOME. This will create depth and meaning from which you will draw a relevant message.

SENTENCE 3: The Setback

Next describe your SETBACK. Every GOOD story has a complication or failure and your story MUST HAVE ONE ALSO!

SENTENCE 4: The Discovery

Finally, identify the DISCOVERY. It’s not enough that things didn’t turn out as planned; you need to have learned something, gained an insight, or grown in some way. What did your story teach you?



Identify YOUR Story... Write a WINNING Essay
This software helps you build a relevant and impactful application essay.

Our four part process starts by writing your story with just four simple sentences. These four sentences create the foundation of your entire essay. The software then guides you as you identify a relevant and meaningful message and theme. Once you have a story and message, you can easily identify a “Life Lesson” and explain what you have learned and how you have grown. Finally, you link your story, message and life lesson to the application itself. If you follow this simple process, you will write a great essay.

  • Step 1: Pick a Story

    Identify a GOOD story by writing just FOUR SENTENCES.

  • Step 2: Find Your Message

    Everything is in the FOUR SENTENCES, including a deep and meaningful message.

  • Step 3: describe what you learned

    Explain what you learned from your story.

  • Step 4: use the magic link

    Finish your essay and link your personal story to the college application.


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